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Have you ever stayed the night at a friend's house and forgotten your toothbrush? Or been stuck in a foreign airport waiting on luggage lost somewhere in the stratosphere? While most of us probably do not consider ourselves to be materialistic, it is true that most of us would be disoriented and uncomfortable without our every day necessities that were tucked safely away in our now missing suitcase. Now imagine yourself as a vulnerable child. Imagine yourself being moved to an unfamiliar home in the middle of the night and not having anything except a trash bag of belongings you threw together haphazardly. That is reality for so many of our children entering the foster care system, or for children who are bounced from foster home to foster home, sometimes with just the clothes on their backs. These children deserve a sense of dignity. They deserve to not have to ask someone they just met for a pair of socks or a tampon. They deserve to feel at least a little bit at home. They deserve to know that wonderful people like you are out there supporting them and thinking about their comfort and well-being. Thank you, for supporting Honey Packs and all of our local children living in foster care.

The Team

Heidi Fox


Becky Horosh

Marketing Director

Dani Braun

Vice President

How it works

A child* is abused, abandoned, or neglected and sheltered from their home. You (a foster parent, friend, or relative) decide to take the child in. They are dropped off at your house with very little. You realize you don't have that size of diapers or anything that will fit a teenager.

Don't feel stuck!

Fill out a request form, or contact us with the age, size, and gender of the child. We will personally deliver the bag (or bags for sibling groups) to your home or another preferred location.

*If you are a child in foster care reading this, please feel free to reach out to us!! Let us know how we can help you.