Honey Packs, Inc.

Giving every child something to hold right-side up, when their world is turning upside-down.

What if your only piece of luggage were a trash bag?

Bringing the same big idea to our small beloved community.

There are almost 2,000 children in out-of-home care in Marion County & the surrounding area.

The majority of these children enter the system with little to no personal belongings.

That's where we come in.

Our Mission

Honey Packs, Inc. aims to provide a smoother transition for children entering the foster care system. Our mission is to provide foster children with a sense of dignity, belonging, and comfort at their "homes away from home", by giving them luggage full of clothes, every day essentials, and some extras that they can call their own (e.g. teddy bears, journals). Additionally, we hope to support foster parents who take children in at all hours of the night and may not have clothing or adequate personal care items available.

Foster parent testimonials:

"All he had was a toy ball, a T-Rex, and a spider man. He also had 3 outfits and two pairs of shoes." - CB

"We got placement of two babies last night. They arrived in a diaper that's it." -JB

"My last placements came to me with several bags actually, all packed frantically by their older siblings, much too young to know how to appropriately pack a child in general. Most of their clothing was too small and what they could wear smelled so badly of cigarettes that (after MULTIPLE washings) could not be salvaged. Oh and a gazillion pairs of socks, mismatched shoes and 1 broken toy. You never know the situation kids are coming from. A lot of times they appreciate the familiarity of their own belongings, but it can be a process to make their possessions safe for use, in which case items are needed to fill that gap in the meantime; and in other cases, it’s just too much of a trigger for them to even look at. So, I think the important thing to note, is sometimes children coming into care have belongings, it’s just I’ve found it’s often children packing themselves or child protective investigators who don’t have time to console crying children and sort through dirty laundry." -Anonymous

"I asked those little girls if they needed anything, and they asked in return if I could buy them some jammies". -Anonymous

Our Partners & Donors

We "get by with a little help from our friends"

Extra special thanks to Bombas © for donating ONE THOUSAND pairs of socks!